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Acquisition of Evidence, Witness Statements, and Official Documents from Mexico for Use in USA Legal Proceedings

unparalleled experience in document acquisition from mexico law enforcement and courts

Timely, accurate collection of cross-border evidence

Witness Location and Interviews

accident investigation and data recovery

document preservation

USA-Mexico Services

The COPIA agency is dedicated to assisting individuals, insurance companies, underwriters, law firms (plaintiff and defense), businesses, consumers and those seeking a variety of specialized services such as: specific localization, USA-Mexico information services, law enforcement liaison services, skip tracing, asset search, witness location, memorialization of documents, interviews, notary services, best practices queries, social media profiles, judicial records searches, client identity history, DMV DOT searches, character background and personal due diligence. All these specialized services are readily available both in the USA and in Mexico.

We provide specialized photography, accident site inspections, MVA forensic services, data recovery, evidence retention and safeguarding and storage services. We are heavily vested in new search methods and cutting edge technology. Our discreet methodology and resourceful techniques have proven to be very effective. 

In most cases we can have strong leads and recovery of data in a very short time. We will make every effort to ensure productive outcomes.  We are dynamic and are ready to travel for the research and discovery of vital information. Our staff is fully English-Spanish bilingual and bicultural. We recognize that every project requires special requirements and a different approach. We are very aware of time and budget constraints and work closely with our clients to maximize results with cost efficiency. 

The COPIA agency has vast experience working and operating in Mexico. We provide all the USA research and discovery services in Mexico. In addition to the previously mentioned services we also work as a liaison with Mexico government agencies and local, state and federal law enforcement authorities. Throughout our 60+ years of operating in Mexico we have developed and utilized best practices to operate safely, successfully and effectively. Our clients have unequalled access to our vast network of resources and contacts to obtain the desired results. We work with discretion and tact, we keep in touch with our clients by way of updates and memos. In Mexico information is safeguarded and in many cases unavailable to the general population. The freedom of information act system is slower and more restrictive. Law enforcement is very cautious (more so than in the past). New oversight agencies are in development and even though the information and records are “out there” that material must be researched, sought, verified, procured and obtained. 

In order to secure information, evidence, reports, photos, witness statements, media reports, assistance and direction the investigator must be vetted, trusted and known in the industry. We are known specialists in the industry and know well how to seek, find, secure and recover what is needed. Urgent service is available and we have our team ready to serve you in all your USA-Mexico needs. No job too big or too small, call us for more information.

Uniquely Qualified USA-Mexico
Investigative Services

With more than 60 years of cross-border experience, The Copia Agency staff has developed unique and invaluable insight and relationships to obtain information faster, better, and with greater accuracy.