COPIA Agency

A Means of Access

Arizona Private Investigative Services, Evidence Collection,
and Mexico Documentation Specialists

Dynamic Private Investigation Services

Expert Documentation

Our experience and nuanced understanding of laws governing documentation and investigation ensures that we will provide information that is accurate and admissible.

Fully Bilingual

We are USA-Mexico cross-border evidence collection specialists with years of experience obtaining admissible and accurate documentation from Mexico.

Cutting Edge

Our use of cutting-edge, modern investigation techniques offers unparalleled, legal access to the information you need.

Modern USA-Mexico Investigation and Documentation

The COPIA agency is dynamic private investigation firm which utilizes state of the art techniques to discover the information our clients require. We implement efficient, resourceful and discreet methods to obtain results.

Discrete Evidence Collection on Both Sides of the Border

Our staff is fluently bilingual and adept in working in Arizona’s legal system and obtaining documents from both sides of the border. The scope of work we render is diverse and in most cases we can readily offer viable options for our customers. The cost aspect of the investigation and casework is always important. We work with our clients to mitigate costs, clarify expectations and conduct our required tasks.

Unparalleled Versatility

The combination of modern technology and good old-fashioned inquiry work establishes efficient methods and accountability to our services. Throughout the casework we will immediately offer important developments and discoveries in a timely manner. The depth of work and the scope of work is determined by our clients and their required information. 

We will  safeguard the confidentiality of our work and our clients. In addition to our research and discovery work we can produce complete and concise documentation by way of emails, texts or written reports. 

Strong Understanding of Client Requirements

Our relationships with our clients often develop into long mutually beneficial associations where we work on short and long-term projects in a variety of areas: personal due diligence, MVD records, social media, court records, background research, best practices with prospective business associates, persons of interest and potential partners.

A Division of Cautela Corporation

The Copia Agency is a division of Cautela Corporation; a paralegal, mediation, and investigative services agency with more than 30 years of experience in Arizona.